WhatsApp For Worldwide Chatting

WhatApp is the messenger app that is available in the play store of android and you can download the app for free. With a proper internet connection, WhatsApp can be used to send messages, files, images, audio, location, contact details or video. The service provided by the WhatsApp is quite similar to text messaging service but WhatsApp uses the internet for sending messages. The cost of using the WhatApp messenger is quite low compared to that of sending significant texts. Whatsapp can also be used on the desktop as well as personal system. It is the most popular messenger application among everyone of all age groups because of features like group chat, location sharing and voice messaging.

Method for texting in WhatsApp

  1. First step is to open WhatsApp. Then tap the WhatsApp icon which is green in color and has white speech bubble within which the outline of the phone is seen.
  2. If you do not have WhatApp then open Android’s Google Play Store to download and install WhatsApp.
  3. The next step is to tap CHATS, which is seen in the top of the screen. After tapping the chat page will be opened up.
  4. The chat conversation is opened and next is to tap the “Back” button which is present in the top-left corner of the screen. In order to get this go to the Chats page.
  5. Touch the “New Chat” icon which looks like a speech bubble-shape and it is seen near the top-right corner of the screen. Now touch ⋮ icon directly present on the left side.
  6. In few Android tablets and smartphones, the “New Chat” icon is seen at the lower right corner of WhatsApp screen.
  7. You can also click an existing chat just by tapping it or you can also select a contact by tapping the particular contact’s name in order to start a new chat. You can also touch new group on the top of the page and start a new group chat.
  8. Now type the message in the text field at the lower part of the screen. Tap the camera icon in the right side of text field to send images.
  9. Finally, touch the “Send” arrow which is a white paper plane-shaped icon within a green background. This will send a text message to that particular contact.

Method for calling in WhatsApp

  1. Just open the WhatsApp application. If you have not logged in before, just follow the instructions in order to complete the registration process with your phone number.
  2. Then, tap CALLS found near the top of the Whatsapp screen.
  3. Touch the “new call” button which is round, green button marked with a “+” near the phone icon at the lower-right corner of the WhatsApp screen.
  4. Select the contact by scrolling down that you wish to call.
  5. Just click the phone icon at the right of the contact’s name.
  6. Just tap CONTINUE then ALLOW to give WhatsApp access to your device’s microphone and camera.
  7. If the other person answers, then speak through a microphone. To end the call, just tap the red phone icon at the bottom.

Comparison of the Best Video Chat Applications

The internet connections are become inexpensive and faster with modish 4G technology and more many people are engaged with plenty of apps mainly in the smartphones for video chat. Unlike a decade past, video chat apps meant blank and a large failure, as it regularly delayed with continuous dropping frames including inaudible sounds. But the method of effective compression algorithms connected with rapid internet connectivity has radically improved the state of video chats. Combining technology has offered us several clicks apart from obtaining a face-to-face conversation anyplace anytime. Considering the option is exceedingly crucial in picking the correct video calling mobile application, here is the reached up listing of top and best video chat apps of all time which you must give it a try.


If you are one of the people that are not extremely involved in FaceBook App then you must give a hand for WeChat Application. This is one of the best apps which is amazingly progressing its user base as well as lets you connect effortlessly with family plus friends across the world. This is incredibly an all-in-one application for chat, voice and video calls, to share pictures, and much more other similar stuff. It provides free high-quality voice and video calls anywhere around the globe. It renders the most distinguished level of control over privacy since it is certified by TRUSTe. You can also share your pictures on the photo stream which is confined in 20 different languages. This app can be downloaded in both Android and iOS.


It is strengthened up by Google, Hangouts is an outstanding video calling app if you are brand distinct. Hangouts connect you with up to 9 people at a time. You do not need to sign up for a new account if you have it already. Hangouts can be connected to iOS devices. It includes everyone in your contacts with group chats of nearly 150 people. You can change any group chat into a video call up to 10 members. This App runs on Android as well as iOS devices also syncs chats over all the devices. It simply connects the Google voice account for phone calls, SMSs as well as voicemail integration.


It began as a chat app, ooVoo enhanced as a prevalent one amongst teens in no time. It makes users hold a group call with 8 people at a time. Their robust, in-app messaging settings allow you to share images, text, video messages, and so on. ooVoo is also a cross-platform application, so it can be installed on any phone, tablet, and PC. It also creates astounding content for the ooVoo community by connecting the videos to build fascinating stories to share with friends and contacts around the globe. You can also check out stories that others post in your system. The Cutting-Edge technology is used to strengthen ooVoo that makes it excellent to conventional messaging applications. This app can be downloaded in both Android and iOS.


It is mainly designed for iOS devices, FaceTime makes it remarkably simple to join with people of any country or edge of the globe they are in. You can make a high-quality video call to any iPhone, iPad, or Mac device user in just a click. It features of making a high definition that is HD video calls of 720p. It also receives calls on your Iphone devices even when FaceTime is not running. You can also get calls on your Mac gadgets which make it easy to answer. This app can be downloaded in iOS.


There is more than 400 million user base of Tango which is one of the popular video chat apps of the current generation. This app gives the excellent-quality video calling means and allows users to watch and perform live stream videos with many people in the network for checking out. The features include accessibility on both iOS and Android devices. It can be easily switched between voice and video calls on call. You can join friends, subscribe to sources, hold a timeline, and get a newsfeed.


Skype does need no introduction which has a super new feature, design, and numerous users. Skype is the application which helps to stay connected with people around the world. Skype runs on an extensive range of devices furthermore it is one of the most dependable video chat apps. Its features include sending photos, text, videos, voice messages, and several more. You can make a call on any phone, Skype or landline. This app can be downloaded in both Android and iOS easily.

Google Duo

This app was launched newly, Google Duo has made the best video chat apps list. This app is quite easy to use, Login, confirm your number, and give an immediate video call just similar to regular phone calls. The integrity of the app’s interface takes the video calling feature to the lead. Its features are cross-platform functionality which allows you to make calls across the globe. You can verify the person who calls you before you choose to respond to it or not. It is fast as well as secures video calls despite Wi-Fi or mobile connection. The remarkably simplistic interface gives it more comfortable to start video calls. This app can be downloaded in both Android and iOS.


Viber was started in 2013 and it is different, preferred and common video chat app which has over 11 million downloads. Packed with great peculiarities and engaging functionalities, Viber is a cross-platform application that can be installed on multiple devices. Its features are free international video and voice calling application. It has combined eye-catching including entertaining emojis with fresh stickers to the texts. You can also hide the text messages from the messaging display which you do not want others to view and obtain it later. There is an automatic encryption system that secures the messages, video and voice calls, texts, etc. This app can be downloaded in both Android and iOS.


It is a simplistic video calling application for Android users which allows users to make a free video, as well as voice, calls using both Wi-Fi and mobile internet. Its features include providing thoroughgoing end-to-end encryption to whole messages and video and voice calls. It is a cross-platform video calling application. You can also make group calls, send imagery, labels to any user. It also uses less data for both videos as well as voice calls. This app can be downloaded in both Android and iOS.

Facebook Messenger

It is very popular as a Facebook application, this video calling application is advanced by people throughout the globe. Facebook Messenger is open for free for both iOS and Android users within any web browser logged into your Facebook account. Its features include the usage of either names or phone numbers, you can also quickly find your friends. It works across any devices including any operating systems. It connects with people universally in no time. It adds entertaining art and effects to the pictures and videos that we upload and share them immediately with the proper connections.


It has proved that it is worth as the most reliable messaging app, WhatsApp has come with an added feature called Video calling. WhatsApp application is a cross-platform app which has millions and millions of users, they make numerous video calls on their regular basis across the world. Its features include Video call or voice call which is completely free. You can also share documents, images, videos, and many more by its multimedia feature. You can also download WhatsApp on your computer or desktop and you can start getting messages. It is also so easy to place custom images, warning ringtones, etc. This app can be downloaded in Android, iOS, and windows devices.


This is one sort of an app which allows users to send clips and images from their regular lives with attached captions, revise, modify, emojis and twist settings to others. Instagram enables you to top into your preferences accounts furthermore you can see what others are up to through image posts. Its features with its messaging interface, Instagram has presently spun out its new peculiarity of video calling that allows the users to call 4 persons in time. It allows multitasking during video calling. It also has the choice of texting, posting, reading news feeds etc and many more. This app can be downloaded in both Android and iOS.


This app holds to reshape the form of communication throughout the globe. It is not only a messaging app but also enables users to make audio calls, video calls. Its features include chatting with more than 200 friends concurrently on a group chat. It also allows you to voice and video calls anyplace, anytime. You can also browse hundreds of stickers that include world-famous celebrities to gain your chats more entertainment. This app can be downloaded in both Android and iOS easily and you can have an easy chat with your friends and family.

Benefits of Email Marketing

email marketing

Have you ever tried Email marketing for increasing the sales of your product? Do you think that you would be able to increase the website traffic of your company official website? Are you wondering how can the email marketing will be helpful for you to expand your company? Is it actually a worthy action to make these kinds of efforts? Here is a brief article about the exploration of the email marketing and also the guidelines to use the email marketing strategy in order to promote your business. You can also find any piece of information related to email marketing campaign and also the steps to embark on the email marketing. The email marketing works really well and you need not have any doubt on that. This email marketing is similar to that of other marketing strategies. There are certain rules and regulations that are required to follow up in order to avoid falling into the pit.

Features of Email Marketing

Here are the few points that are suggested based on the many studies and reviews related to email marketing. These points can be also given as the real outcomes of the email marketing. It is the exact details of what can the email marketing execute and why is it the most preferable one for the business entrepreneurs.

  1. Connecting directly to the existing customers – It helps you to send an old and ongoing customer updates, product information, special discounts and offers as well as other relevant data that is useful for the customers or clients, or that makes them to visit you or even revisit you.
  2. An email is a small website – you should always keep in your mind that HTML emails are the essential things in the web page. They can also get attached with the images, short videos and internal as well as external links that can be a very good format of presenting the information in a clear manner. You can easily customize the email in a dynamic way according to the receiver.
  3. Sharing feature of Emails – As you all know that an email could be a little webpage type. It can hold any number of social media buttons as well as links. The excited features in it are that you can easily forward the messages to numerous recipients and can be easily copied to others. A high quality email with essential and important information will be sharing for sure with the people as well as related associates.
  4. Automated features and processes that are easy to use – A well drafted email marketing campaign will definitely make use of these features called auto-responders and time-based releases. This is how there is a vast increase in the effectiveness and time management. If you need to send numerous emails to various users, you can easily use these features.

Outcomes of Email Marketing

While coming to the beneficial outcome of email marketing, there are four wide items only scarify the surface. Usually, the industry where you work may decide the ways of your email marketing and it also limits what is to be passed onto the receivers. However, you may be questioning how you proceed about the email marketing method and How do you get the emails in the primary point. Again, there are multiple alternatives here, but let us take a glance at some of it to make you to get commenced.

  1. Buy a list – there are countless well-known email lead organizations which allow you to obtain an opt-in listing of emails based on a kind of criteria. This can be a great way to begin cold if you do not have a list already of your own.
  2. Create an email list – handle list-building tools on your website like a newsletter sign up or else a free offer while someone inserts their name and email. You can also do the same even someone raises the comments over your blog.
  3. Make use of your existing emails – Broadcast out some beneficial information to your current customers. Something not significantly related to you straight and requests them to share it or like it on social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc., or even connect with yourself on LinkedIn, etc. You can frequently strengthen a list from a list.
  4. Presenting a free app which needs a registration – if you can give a simplistic, plain or not-so-oversimplified mobile applications on your official website, then you can easily make people to download the application where they would certainly enroll their name, email and additional data to initiate it. This is an excellent method to create a list because it renders yet different avenue within people’s field of concern.

Cautious steps in Email Marketing

There are some other methods to connect straight with people including to grow the connections with them simultaneously which is as effective as email marketing strategies. You have to be more cautious with emails, as you are directly involved with individuals in their digital range. As well you must be aware that you are vying for attention with many others in the online shopping world. You have to keep in your mind these few tips that are listed:

  1. Do not spam your email list- if you buy an email list, make sure that it is genuine. Always value people’s privacy plus if they request to unsubscribe, make sure to do it.
  2. Always seek permission for sending an email – if you compile your list, make clearance with someone opting in and make them understand that they would be receiving additional messages
  3. Never share your emails – you should keep the emails list with yourself. None will trust you if they came to know that you have given away or even sold out their email address.
  4. Take a clear note on the anti-spam laws – You should certainly read the spam laws and follow them. They are not complicated, but they contain only a few guidelines that will help you to keep yourself out of trouble.
  5. Do not disturb them via advertising – A good thumb rule in any kind of email campaign is to follow the 80 / 20 rule. Mostly, your information must be valuable to the receiver and not merely a primary attempt to sell your products.