WhatsApp For Worldwide Chatting

WhatApp is the messenger app that is available in the play store of android and you can download the app for free. With a proper internet connection, WhatsApp can be used to send messages, files, images, audio, location, contact details or video. The service provided by the WhatsApp is quite similar to text messaging service but WhatsApp uses the internet for sending messages. The cost of using the WhatApp messenger is quite low compared to that of sending significant texts. Whatsapp can also be used on the desktop as well as personal system. It is the most popular messenger application among everyone of all age groups because of features like group chat, location sharing and voice messaging.

Method for texting in WhatsApp

  1. First step is to open WhatsApp. Then tap the WhatsApp icon which is green in color and has white speech bubble within which the outline of the phone is seen.
  2. If you do not have WhatApp then open Android’s Google Play Store to download and install WhatsApp.
  3. The next step is to tap CHATS, which is seen in the top of the screen. After tapping the chat page will be opened up.
  4. The chat conversation is opened and next is to tap the “Back” button which is present in the top-left corner of the screen. In order to get this go to the Chats page.
  5. Touch the “New Chat” icon which looks like a speech bubble-shape and it is seen near the top-right corner of the screen. Now touch ⋮ icon directly present on the left side.
  6. In few Android tablets and smartphones, the “New Chat” icon is seen at the lower right corner of WhatsApp screen.
  7. You can also click an existing chat just by tapping it or you can also select a contact by tapping the particular contact’s name in order to start a new chat. You can also touch new group on the top of the page and start a new group chat.
  8. Now type the message in the text field at the lower part of the screen. Tap the camera icon in the right side of text field to send images.
  9. Finally, touch the “Send” arrow which is a white paper plane-shaped icon within a green background. This will send a text message to that particular contact.

Method for calling in WhatsApp

  1. Just open the WhatsApp application. If you have not logged in before, just follow the instructions in order to complete the registration process with your phone number.
  2. Then, tap CALLS found near the top of the Whatsapp screen.
  3. Touch the “new call” button which is round, green button marked with a “+” near the phone icon at the lower-right corner of the WhatsApp screen.
  4. Select the contact by scrolling down that you wish to call.
  5. Just click the phone icon at the right of the contact’s name.
  6. Just tap CONTINUE then ALLOW to give WhatsApp access to your device’s microphone and camera.
  7. If the other person answers, then speak through a microphone. To end the call, just tap the red phone icon at the bottom.